Can I get new visa if before I have investor visa

As salaam o alikum I want to ask about my visa problem 2 years before I made one cr on my name and stamped two years investor visa but now I want to cancel the cr and transfer to work visa I mean any one company visa in Bahrain.what is the chance gdnpr reject my application or give me a work visa or if first I have to cancel the cr I mean liquidation of the company.and most important thing right now my visa is cancel because I not renewed the cr but after the cancellation of my visa I make passport extension for one month plz give me answer thank you in advance

Your visa and CR are different matters.  Inactive CR should not affect visa application but will affect any future CRs you try to set up as you won't get security clearance unless you resolve the pending CR.  That is why you should eventually liquidate it.

If you cancel your investor visa, you can apply for a work visa.  Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months at the time of application and the visa extension should have at least 7 working days remaining.

Thank you brother to clear me on this issue

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