Looking to get established in the Walled City of Cartagena

Hi. I am J-D.
I have lived abroad (as an Expat) most of my adult life, much of it in the US and also in Latin countries.
I know Medellin and Bogota but my heart is in Cartagena's walled city (I can't bring myself to much like Boca Grande... reminds me of Benidorm (Spain) and Panama City. I CAN stay in Miami, so I have not much need for that.
I live on a Ranch Style property in the Dominican Rep. in the North Coast most successful development and the DR is my fiscal domicile (no world wide taxing). I plan to stay less than 180 days/year in Colombia for tax reasons. I will most likely get a restored "Piso"/Apartment upstairs in an old building with stores below in the historic part of the walled city. I do understand it's not cheap.
But I will need to understand Condo laws and also find a reputed legal firm to consult to me in residency, real estate and general contract maters and represent me in some cases.
I am also looking for a reputed Real Estate Broker with deep connections (I understand Colombia MAY not have a US-like structure of "Brokers" and certified "Real Estate Agents".

I will, like I have in most other countries seek to build relationships mostly with local nationals, in this case Colombians, but will also build ties to productive and successful local Expats.
I am not interested in get rich quick schemes, "chicas", drinking parties and much less drugs and people who can't or won't speak Spanish, one of the languages I am fluent in speech and writing. English is a second language for me too.
It is my firm conviction based on my experiences that in order to only have a shot at a successful and save Expat experience, being fluent in the local language is key #1... then there are other things which are needed.
I should be back in Cartagena (currently in Spain) in Fall of this year.
I would love to meet people as described and hopefully being introduced to reputable professionals.

Thanks!... J-D.

Hi J-D, are you back in Cartagena yet?

Just read your post and we're in similar situations as far as seeking professional real estate advice from reputable agencies in Cartagena.

My girlfiend and I just moved to Cartagena last week from the states.

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