Illustrator/Creative Designer

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I am looking for a job in Illustration or Creative Design/Motion Design area. I  am a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) graduate. And also have more than 16 years experience in these fields.

Why Germany?
Germany is my dream place to work and live. I think there I will get good atmosphere to spend my life with family. I also heard that Germans are more lovable and co operative with others.

Tschuss, Bis bald!

Good luck. The rules for German employers to hire non-EU citizens has been relaxed. But finding such a job might be difficult. Why should one bother to assist someone to come to Germany to work unless they have very demanded skills not available locally? This is true in some areas of IT, high tech and academia which are the ones’ most Indians make it to Germany on. One can only suggest looking at the various websites for jobs or specifically researching in the internet which companies might have need of your specific skills.

If you speak good German then you might have a chance, if not then you are probably going to be excluded from 95% of the openings. Working freelance is also possible but they would want to see a reasonable business strategy and financing to pull it off. And again, if one doesn’t speak the language well it will be unlikely. Freelancing means having lots of contacts and a local reputation and a new comer usually doesn’t know anybody and nobody here knows them.

Writing about how big a dream or how much one wants to go to Germany or to try using compliments about how one has heard Germans are lovable is actually counterproductive. It sounds false and more like begging. One doesn’t get a job because they really really want it, they get it because they have something valuable to offer to an employer. There are also companies that claim to assist people to get a work visa and job but I’ve mostly hard bad about them; often they take the money and do nothing. But if one knows people who have found a reliable one then maybe it is at least worth asking what they charge and what they do for the fee.

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