Bringing our dogs to Mauritius - Mr Gunnes Great Guy!

Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum but have been reading the posts for a few weeks now and have found it really helpful, interesting and friendly!

We are hoping to bring our 3 dogs with us in August and I have had difficulties in sending emails to the Veterinary Section for a list of requirements and permits. All the emails I have sent have been returned saying email box full.

So I have daily rung Mr Gunnes (Pronounced Ganesh - Thank you Arlette) but until today have never managed to get hold of him as he is a very busy man- however today I finally got hold of him and what a delightful man he is! he was very friendly and helpful.:D

I have come across the official website with the forms on, although I have only managed to download the permit application and as yet am unable to download the list of requirements - although Mr Gunnes is sending this via email.
I am not sure if I am allowed to post the website I have found - I am sure someone will tell me.

If anyone has any tips or advice they can give me regarding bringing our dogs it would be appreciated, I am going to use Pet Air in the UK to bring the dogs over.
Kind regards

Hi Dee,

Welcome to! :)

You can post the website here and i hope other members will be able advise you.

Hi Christine

Thank you for your welcome :)

The website is:
then; Livestock - Veterinary Services - then pets (cats & Dogs)

I just searched Mauritius Government on Google.

At least by printing the Application for Import forms out I can try to be a little prepared.
Kind regards

Mr Gunness is fantastic!! We brought our dogs from SA and it is a lot harder process. He was so amazing throughout the process.

My advice is to download and read the forms, and see what required tests and things you need for the dogs. The need rabies tests and a 3 month interval between certain tests (for south africa). Not sure the exact requirements for UK dogs. I know they are strict, so it is vital to follow as they say. if you need any other contact details, please private message me and we can make contact that way. Cheers xoxo

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