Renewing US visa in Ho Chi Minh City

Hi, I will need to renew my US visa early because I am running out of space -- only two sides left for visas and stamps, and I have to get a new 1-year Vietnam visa in October, so after that there will only be room for stamps.  I've checked renewal times in the US, but I am usually only there for 2-3 weeks and that would mean an expedite fee and crossing my fingers.  Can anyone who has done it here explain to me the process, time needed and the costs?  Thanks.

I renewed my passport (I assume that is what you meant although you wrote US Visa) at the HCMC consulate in 2012.  They have a form you need to fill out for renewals.  I don't recall but I expect it is the same as the Form DS-82 used within the country.  The fees too are the same as they are within the US.  As far as time, it was about a week, much faster than even the expedited service available at a much higher cost from within the US.  I marveled at that when mine came back and the employee behind the counter said that they send out a FEDEX fastest way every day with passports and get the same coming back.  It seems that the consular service actually moves you to the front of the line at the passport agency.   :top:   You can no longer add pages to an existing passport, but the 52 page passport is now available for no added cost.  You need to be sure to check the box for the 52 page book.

Your old passport will be returned with a small punch in the corner.  Any visas attached to the old passport are therefore still valid.  In fact you may need to bring your old passport and show both new and old the next time you exit the country.  Viet Immigration employees at the airport scour your various visas and extensions looking for ways to fine you.

Thanks.  Yes, I meant passport. 

Yeah, it seems easier to do it here.  I will likely do it after my Spring trip to the US next year.  My current passport should get me that far, as long as I don't travel to any countries that insert a full-page visa into it.

These days you need to make an appointment. You can read about the Appointment System, required documents, fees, etc. here: … -passport/

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