tennis with a beginner anyone?

Hi there,

I want to rally with another beginner like myself.  I'm hoping to improve ground strokes and burn some calories while at it.  Plus it would be nice to make some new friends.

I'm not good, but i can entertain a gentle rally decently.

I'm located in Magallanes, Makati and the court i play on is not that great.  (1) outdoor, (2) no night lights (3) uneven surface.  but for my level, it's perfect.

If interested, please feel welcomed to PM me. 


I'm a former certified teaching pro of the U.S. Professional Tennis Assoc. and recommend you do NOT follow your posted idea.  Hit against a machine so you can get more form practice. A beginner rallying with a beginner is hopeless and a waste of time and energy.  The consistency of the machine allows you to really practice. The other beginner will likely hit balls you can't reach and be unable to put 50 on your forehand then 50 on your backhand if you follow the problem.

Here's a good drill against the machine. No matter what it sends you, you try to put the return in either alley. There are zillions of good drills and you need a pro to hit back (expensive) or a machine (cheap). Or a girl friend (best deal of all)

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