Looking for foreigner friends

I am   Polish Girl living in  Warsaw . I've spent few years  outside  of PL -  returning to Warsaw few years ago  , I studied before in England and I was Aiesec member for while, then i have been in Tunisia for my internship.
With pleasure I would hang out with some people  who would like to speak English :)  let me know  if u r interested ?

Let me arriving at Warsaw first

Hi I am looking to relocate to Warzaw and would love to meet new people to hang out. As my Polish is non-existent,  am looking for people who speak englsh.

i am interested to go hangout.

Andyqw. Letś meet at Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky at Novy Swiat Tuesday 13th of August at 20.00? I will sit at the tables right outside the bar. Agaku, please join if you are free, and anybody else for that matter. The more the merrier.

I have brown hair, 187 cm tall, and will wear a light blue shirt and jeans.


I wish I could help you with communication, though I can recommend this site: studenterra.com, I often asked them for help when I was a student.

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