Arrived in Belgium. What to do next?


I just moved to Belgium with a WP. I have around 8 days to register in a commune I intend to live - which is Leuven for now. But I have not found an accommodation yet and not sure within 8 days I will be able to confirm one. How can I register myself in the commune if I dont have a permanent place to stay? I will also need to apply for RP, exchange of DL etc. Can anyone suggest me what I need to do now? Or if there is similar post discussed before, please direct me there. I tried to find but couldn't get the right info. Thanks for your help.

Try harder :) (to find the right info).

These topics were discussed in previous threads in this very forum. Yes, the information is spread here and there.

Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know what was the title of the thread? I am on mobile devices which is very limited in search functionality at the moment.

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Were you able to find out the things you need to do after reaching Belgium?, I am looking for the same info


You can rent a room for a day/week/year and yes you can use this for registration.

Hello , I am looking for the same info. what did you do?

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