Musician looking to live in Guanajuato or ??? Advice welcomed.


Almost 20 years ago I lived in in SMA for about a year. It was the best time of my life and a time and place where I truly felt at home. The locals were wonderful, I made friends easily both Mexican and with expats. I became a part of the community. Even worked at a travelers hostel and Mamma Mias as a DJ and sometimes bartending. I also remember going to a restaurant, maybe Tio Lucas, which had some pretty good live jazz and I'm a huge jazz fan.

I always wanted to return. I'm studying jazz saxophone right now and thought it be great if I could go back down to MX, live, play some jazz and hopefully find a similar experience to what I had when I first lived in Mexico.

Of course things have changed greatly in SMA from what I've gathered, apparently not for the better. As I had been to Guanajuato ciudad numerous times and really like that city, as well as a Mexican acquaintance I made here in (where I'm from) Canada  who's from Guanajuato said it's still cheap and safe there, I'm considering moving there.

Interested in current information on the city, cost of living and such. I'm looking to rent. Are there any bars or restaurants that have Jazz nights in Guanajuato? Also was curious if there was a place I could practise my saxophone without annoying the neighbors. As there is a symphony orchestra in Guanajuato I assume there must be a place or places people can practise their instruments.

Any info greatly appreciated, gracias.


Have you joined any Facebook groups, specifically one's about Guanajuato? I'm sure they'd be able to help you with your queries :)
Good luck!

Ah no, I haven't checked out the FB groups. Will take a look, thanks.

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