Store for ceiling fans and kitchen oven

Just wondering if anyone has a recommendations for a store in Saigon that sells ceiling fans for your flat and I'm needing to buy an oven to be delivered and installed in the flat. Someone recommended for an oven but wondering if anyone has any other stores so I have some other choices as they are out of stock on my oven I need.

Thanks if anyone has any recommendations for oven and ceiling fan store thanks.

Are you talking about some kind of tabletop oven? If so there is no installation; simply plug it in.  I think you will be hard pressed to find a "full sized" oven in Vietnam.  We have two tabletops.  One is a glass bowl with a light and fan on the lid as a heat source.  It is excellent for broiling meats.  We also have a small rectangular oven which can bake a small cake but nothing too ambitious.  I expect that one reason that Vietnamese don't feel a need for large ovens is because cakes and bread are so reasonably priced in bakeshops and boulangeries.  My wife bought the second oven for cakes simply because it was something that she did mostly for fun.

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