Visit visa to Bahrain for Pakistani

My family have multiple visit visa of Saudi Arabia we want to visit Bahrain.
Can you please guide me how to get visit visa for Bahrain for family?
If we exit from King Fahd causeway, there will be no any complication while reentry to Saudi Arabia from Bahrain.

Are Pakistani nationality holder having multiple visit visa of Saudi Arabia are allowed to visit GCC countries such as Bahrain and Egypt.

There are threads on the forum dealing with that.  Use the search button next time.

If you are not an Iqama holder, you will NEED to apply for visit visa in advance for Bahrain and Egypt.   For Bahrain, go to

To travel via the causeway, your Saudi visas must say OPEN in mode of travel.  Otherwise Saudi immigration will not let you exit via causeway and ask you to fly.

Thanks for your reply.
Kindly also guide me how can i know about the mode of entey like you said through kingfahad causeway required open visas.
what should be written on the visas to know that we can enter through causeway??
On my family visit visa it is written ALNAQIL MAFTUH. So does it mean we can enter via causeway.

Yes that means open.

Hi dear All,

I am an engineer working in Jeddah.
I have to attend a conference in Bahrain.
I have valid Iqama.

Can I get 1 week on arrival visa at Bahrain airport???

My nationality is Pakistan.


Right now are there any issues in getting visit visa for Pakistani Passport holders

Why I am asking this because I went to the agent today for my brothers visit Visa and she told me that they are getting many rejections now a days....

I thought we are over this phase of rejections from last year....but it seems like there are still problems ....😕

OP has a different question; he is an iqama holder so no issue.

Visit visas generally for Pakistanis are open.  But with younger men, there is a lot more scrutiny and at times rejections.  However, visas are being approved.

Thanks a lot for the update.

Then, I will ask my brother to apply for Visit Visa online. Hopefully this time he will get it...:)

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