Working in Denmark as a EU citizen.

When I looked on the website in the UK and here in Denmark it stated that I could reside and work in Denmark for up to 3-6 months in that time I am required to apply for a European residence card. But what I have found having gone for an interview is that I would need a danish social security number ? I am just a little confused as to what I need ?

As an EU citizen, you have stay in DK up to three months. If you are an active job seeker, you can prolong your stay up to 6 months.

A CPR number is used for taxation, social security services, to be registered as living in Denmark, opening a bank account .......

No problem if you live in a permanent housing and has a job. It will be issued promptly.

The problem may be the Brexit. … in-denmark


As I understand I need to be/have one of the following 3 to get European residence card:
Sufficient funds
Be a student
Or having a contract.

But in order to get contract most employers require you to have a CPR number.

So my question is can I gain a temporary CPR number any how?

You don't need a CPR number to go to an interview or to land a job!

As soon as you come to Denmark and have found a permanent housing (: a room will do), you go to the Internation Citizen Centre to get the paper works done, including the CPR number. You'll have it in hand immediately.

Don't worry.


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