EP rejected and appealed

Hi all my EP was rejected on 12th May 2019 , I asked the reason of rejection from my employer they never replied. But they advertised 2 more weeks and appealed on 7 th June and asked me to wait for 3 weeks . On 25 June they said  MOM still need 3 more weeks to review the application and MOM will reply within 3 weeks .
Now 3rd week going to complete in 2,3 days.
May I know how long it will take for the result and possibility for the approval. Thanks

You can reach out your employer to check with MoM, or you too can reach them but MoM doesn’t have any obligation to tell you the reason of your last rejection and whether appeal will be successful or not.

You have to wait for the outcome on your appeal. Good luck

Noted Surya, on 25 June employer enquired MOM they replied the below message.

MOM needs more time to review your appeal for (my name and FIN number) .We will get back to you within the next 3 weeks.

So again employer need to expedite the MOM or I’ll get the result on coming week .

Wait one more week, if you didn’t see any outcome then employer can reach out MoM for further update, if any. Good luck

Noted, will wait one more week. Thanks


Did you get the ep approved?

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