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Afternoon all,

im very confused as to what can and cannot be done regarding pensions in the UK.  Im planning to move to HCM in the coming months and have no plans to retire yet.

I have a private pension and also state pension in the UK.  I have read some pension providers allow transfer to a recognised service provider in other countries.

So, do I transfer the private pension to a recognised service provider ?  if so any recommendations ??  or go down the route of cash in the pension and sue the proceeds to either stick in a VND bank account or use to place a deposit on a new apartment for myself and VN wife ?

That leaves UK state pension... not due for some time, can (and if so how) I still make NI contributions to ensure the full pension is received at a later date ??  that also raise the question of how to receive payments

I also read that locals can save some form of insurance and use that as a life pension ..

anyone done any of the above ??

That also leads onto another question....  best banks for Expats ???

Not VN, but the same applies to anywhere as far as taking a lump sun goes.

I had two small private pension pots from old, short term jobs years ago. They were earning nothing, hardly growing, and the pension amount would hardly have been worth having so I cashed them in and dumped the money into local bonds. Much as the interest rate isn't that much above inflation, the bonds are safe and produce more meat than the pension would otherwise have been worth.
As the numbers were small, UK tax wasn't much of an issues but, if your pots are large, you might want to consider the tax free lump sum and decide from there.

Local posters will advise you about bank bonds and how safe they are in VN, but doing as I did might be a possibility.

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