Import car or not importing car?

Is anyone could tell me if it’s crazy to come to Holland with a car.
I am on my way to buy one as I thought it would be nice to leave my bag in as for now I don’t know where exactly I want to settle and being able to move from one place to another .
But all of a sudden I realize is not that simple !
French immatriculation
Driving licence etc....

Any advice on that one ?
Thank you so much!!!!
I am supposed to buy the car on Monday 😰😂

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

There is no real reason why you shouldn't bring a car from France, the car will need to be tested, then registered in the Netherlands once you register with the Gemeente.  Assuming you have a current French EU licence, then you can continue to use that until it expires.

The real question is whether you need a car at all.  The Netherlands has excellent public transport and many people make do with a bike; should you later conclude that you do indeed need a car, then they do sell them in the Netherlands.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you for your quick answer.

I actually don’t have a car yet:)
The thing is I am emptying my house right now and I am going to travel with a small suitcase looking to find the exact place where I want to settle .
And for now I don’t know where it is ...

Does it sounds good enough to rent Airbnb here and there and take trains to visit around ?
In france it will be a drag though hahahah

May be That could be an option in Holland ...
What do you think ?🤔

Hi again.

I can tell you what my daughter did.

She found an AirBnb in the town she thought was of most interest (work, friends and family).  She packed a suitcase with what she would need to survive for a month and travelled to Holland and bought a 2nd hand bike (Holland is very bike friendly). She spent the next 2 weeks looking for a place to live and work; found both and got a taxi from her AirBnb to her new home.

Things she needed straight away she bought from a 2nd hand furniture shop; at that stage, she bought a 2nd hand car; she waited till then as parking can be an issue in built-up areas and she needed to be sure she could park her car where she lived.  We followed her over a few weeks later with the rest of her stuff in our car.  A couple of years later she had found her dream job and bought her own house.

That was the most cost-effective way she could work out and her mother wanted to see everything anyway; I agreed with her (as if I had a vote in it!).

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the whole story !
That’s really helpful!!!
I think i’d rather the money from the car to pay my Airbnb !!!!

Thanks a lot!
I will show up soon again to share and ask!!!!
Il wens je een mooie dag!!!

Hi again,

I think you're 100% correct.  I wish you a fantastic time in the Netherlands and look forward to hearing how it all went.


Expat Team

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