Hey! I was just wondering if DR is a safe place, I am going to go live there and I am a little concerned over that issue.

Welcome to the forums.  We have covered this a number of times.

It very much matters where you live, how you live, how you behave and with whom you associate!

Where are you moving to honey?

Very safe  is the norm in the tourist zones where there is a dedicated tourist police force (Cestur).

In reality it is a safer country to live than someone living in a big US or European city but there are suburbs of some cities here where expats do not and would not go.

It is certainly a safer place than Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands or Mexico.

And guess is going to be even safer in the tourist zones with additional measures taken, after the malicious Murdoch press campaign.

We are moving to DR next year in retirement mode, with little concern. It is like anywhere else. Just heed the advice above. And you really have to a good amount of scrutiny to the media. The whole DR tourist thing got out of hand.

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