Television in Mauritius


I’m from Guernsey and down to the finer details of my planned move in August.
Does anyone know if you can get UK television in Mauritius and if so how.
Wouldn’t plan to watch much but it’s a nice to have

Unless you subscribe to some iptv.

You can get DSTV, which is South African satellite TV - it doesn't include all the English channels, but you do get two or three BBC channels, ITV, and Sky News. Probably a few more, too!


Many thanks that’s good to know

I got a VPN on my computer, if you set the location to UK, you can get BBC iplayer and ITV iplayer.

I use both IPTV and VPN and they work just fine watching UK channels in Canada.  I missed classic British comedies, but now thanks to technology I can watch them. 
IPTV on Apple TV
VPN on mobile devices

Hi well theres DSTV which is a cable programme
it has the following uk progs

sky bbc news

itv choice  bbc bits

lots of English film channels about 14
national geographic

and loads more


get a iptv dongle for approx £5 a month and watch the whole world channesl


If you do not have a smart TV, I have found the best method is get an Amazon firestick for about £40.  when you have this, sign up for a VPN like Express VPN and load that onto the firestick.  Set the location to UK.  also download the various catch up apps to the firestick, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc, also download TVplayer.  you need the VPN as most of these will only stream to UK locations, the VPN makes it appear you are in the UK.
From these you can then watch all UK channels live (3 or 4 hours time difference) or watch them on catch up.  All for free.
you can also sign up for Amazon Prime and get lots of TV and films, and music for a good price.

no if you read the reports the ROKU is better value for money and you r NOT tied in to any one, then you go on ebay and for around a fiver you can get loads of channels incl from UK

Thanks Phillip

That’s really useful- I was starting to think I’d struggle but your solution seems ideal



Or buy a mag 256 box. Get a subscription for less than £50 a year and you get all the channels in the world

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