How buying in Puerto Plata

I have found the most beautiful home in Puerto Plata. I was negotiating the deal myself and thought to myself, you better get a lawyer. Does anyone have know a good honest lawyer? I know the question is a double edge sword.

Any feed back will be helpful.

Do you need English or do you speak spanish?

We just bought in Las Terrenas, but I believe they have an office nearer to you.  These guys are great:
Guzmán Ariza | Abogados y Consultores
valonzo[at]| 1.809.240.6484
El Carmen 3
Las Terrenas, Samaná 32200
República Dominicana

I am fluent in English but I speak a little Spanish. The realtor does speak english as well.

Thank you for your response.

Thanks for your reply.

I can recommend  Misael Polanco in Puerto Plata.  He can be reached on phone / whatsapp 829-790-9115  His english is not great but he is very knowledgeable!

#Planner - Thanks for the suggestion

You are very welcome honey!

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