I am Terribly sorry if this is answered elsewhere,  I tried browsing around the forum but couldn't find the answer. So, my EP is approved and my employer emailed me IPA letter and said that "Kindly also do proceed to find and secure a tenancy in Singapore prior to your start date as due to a change in Employment Law, issuance of Work Pass can only be done when housing has been secured with tenancy contract signed."

I am actually planning to stay with my cousin temporarily and once my husband moves to SG(in a couple of months), we will rent a home and sign agreement. In any case, there will not be any contract signed on my name, so can I use my cousin's contract instead? Or should my name be registered in hdb database?

Inform your relative’s house address as your temporary residence. There is nothing to be worried. There is no such rules in place that you must have to produce signed rental agreement before your work pass can be issued. Your employer is telling incorrect information. You can stay throughout year temporarily at your cousin place nothing will happen. Good luck

Thanks a ton surya!

I would like to ask also as I also does not have a housing contract signed in my name (I will stay with my relatives in Singapore). In this case, as soon as I arrive Singapore with my IPA, can I open a bank account here, particularly OCBC, using my IPA (or EP pass in which I will obtain a week after) without having any proof of my housing address?


So, my employer and my brother confirmed that if we are staying in HDB, we have to be registered in the portal or else the EP will not be issued. Looks like there is a change in rules now.

Napat.p: You can open an account in any bank here by showing your passport and IPA letter.

Alekhya: What do you mean that if you want to stay in HDB? As I said earlier, you can stay at your relatives place temporarily and can show their address for all communication. There is no changes in rule recently. The one you are saying that if you will stay in an HDB then you must have to have an agreement with the actual tenant (who must have agreement with the owner) but staying with your relatives, if he is not the owner then he has to inform the owner with your EP copy after it got issued as he has to inform the HDB authorities after few days or week, it has nothing to do with your EP issuing. This rule is there since ages.

But can you ask your employer or Brother to show the link at MoM site where it says you must have a rental agreement before your EP will be issued? This is most absurd news I ever heard of.

Many employers provide temporary shelter to new employees in their executive units for few weeks to a month, all of them have got EP in a week time. One of my known friend who is staying at his Uncle’s place past 7 months and has nothing to do with EP card issue. The list can go on. So, tell your employer please double check before telling incorrect information. Good luck

@surya2k: Thanks so much.

How about opening a credit card here? Do I have to wait after my probation period ends in order to be able to open a credit card with the bank here?

As I have visited many bank websites, there is no requirement that I have to wait. However, in my home country, we have to wait.

So, want to know how this is actually working in Singapore? Are passport and IPA (or EP pass) necessary for me to open a credit card here? Thanks.

You can open same time but they want to see offer letter from your employer to fix the maximum or minimum credit limit.

@surya2k: Thanks. Is the offer letter you mentioned is the employment contract stating the salary?

Banks want security.
Since an offer letter is not binding, they will not accept it.
Your employment contract (stating the salary) is better, but payslips are the usual way.
I once got a card within the first month of employment with a letter from the company confirming the employment and stating that I need the card for a business trip (to the USA). That worked!
Try various banks if the first one fails!

Address update with HDB is mandatory
https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permi … ass-issued

Candidate’s residential address in Singapore. From 14 September 2018, the candidate’s residential address must meet the housing requirements before you can get the pass issued.

Alekhya: Your cousin need to register your details with HDB, this can only be done by the owner or agent appointed by owner of the HDB.

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