West African Food


I am looking for recommendation on where to find West African food; Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Liberian.
Ideally,I'd like to buy the ingredients and make it myself, but restaurants that provide this are also welcome.


Im mauritian originally from Senegal but unfortunately it's hard to find west african food .I don't think we have a west African restaurant here..you need to tell someone abroad to send you some if they are coming to Mauritius just try and see.you can get cassava or plantain at the supermarket or the central market which is found at port Louis

Hi. What do you think about Creole food? Is it similar to what you referred to?

No sir. Creol food is not same with W/African food.
I have been in the island for 7yrs now and i can't do away with my Nigerian food. My sister in Lagos always do waybill of egusi, ogbono and other dry fish.

Maybe they will manage to cook both types of food well, next Tuesday 19 November at the dinner after the Space & Sea event in Albion. The chef is very professional and the quality versus price ratio is outstanding. Are you guys coming to that venue at the Wave Lounge ?   See "Events" here in the community section

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