IT job as a Business Analyst or Software Developer

Hello all...

I am currently planning to move to Bahrain as my Husband started working there.We are from India and I have 6.6 years of IT experience (Healthcare and Finance Domain) which includes  Business Analyst role (3+) and software developer role (3+) (Working with an MNC ) .

Can anyone guide me on the below questions

1.What are the chances of getting a good IT job in Bahrain ?
2.How should i start searching ?
3.Is it possible to get a job from India itself ?
4. How much salary i can ask for my experience level ?

My husband is having and Engineer Visa but their company is not ready to provide the family visa as of now.


Read the threads on this forum for questions about searching and salaries - it is very difficult to quote a salary figure without knowing any details about the job / industry. 

IT as a field is not that big in Bahrain and your competition will be against locals who are preferred for jobs.  That is not to say that a job can't be found but it will take time and you might have to settle for less money.

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