PR in Singapore procedure and time frame

Hi all,
One query is getting PR in Singapore very difficult these days for foreigners..what's d procedure and time frame.. Tia

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You cam read about th requirements for becoming PR on the ICA webpage. But what is written there is, although required, not the whole picture.
Singapore grants PR to people who the counry would benefit from in economic, financial, social,racial or reputational terms.
You are likely to become PR if you are
- a Nobel-prize-worthy scientist, world-class athlete, famous artist or the like
- bringing lots of investment or jobs
. Southeast Asian Chinese
- married to a Singaporean
- likely to have (male) offspring (who would have to serve in the military)
- working in a profession where Singapore needs to import labour (and have worked here for three years or more)
In any case, it does no harm to apply. The process takes at least six months and you'd never know the answer unless you try!

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