S pass was rejected

I found a job in Singapore, and at first my employer tried to applied e pass for me, but however I got rejected. Hence, they reapply s pass for me, and it was approved.
However, my employer did not inform me about my s pass that has a period of validity as I am waiting for my nursing license as well at that moment when my s pass was approved.
So when my nursing license was approved, unfortunately my s pass has expired, and they have to withdraw the application and reapply again.
Unfortunately mom rejected my application this time without given a clear reason why.
Any idea why?

I worked in Singapore before, and I resigned and back to Malaysia for personal reason. And come back again 6 months after I resigned.

Well, from MoM's standpoint, you had your chance and did not use it. So why should they give you another one?
That both you and your employer forgot to check validity (and extend it if needed) is also not a good excuse.
The only thing you can do is ask your employer to appeal, explain the situation and hope for leniency.

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