Thinking about retiring to Vanuatu

Hello from a new member.  My wife and myself are originally from the UK but for the last 26 years have lived and worked in New Zealand.  I was an engineering teacher and my wife a paramedic.  I also flew search and rescue for the NZ Coastguard as a volunteer for the last 18 years.  We have both recently retired and are thinking about selling up in Auckland and re-locating to Vanuatu.  While I have done some research I would welcome thoughts and advice on this idea.  Where would you suggest as the best areas of Vanuatu for us to look for a property?  It would be great to find a 4 bed house by the beach with a pool.  We both receive a NZ and UK pension and understand that would still be payable in Vanuatu.  Our children and grand children live in Auckland but it would be great if they could visit Vanuatu several times a year for holidays.  We would both be pleased to work part-time or as volunteers in our repective fields.

I would be most grateful for any help, advice or information from expats in Vauatu - your experience would be valued.

Thanks and kind regards.


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