a few years ago, a gentleman in search of a used vehicle went to Moca and looked at a Toyota Prado. he was smitten by the appearance, and decided to buy it. he was advised by a friend to ask me to look at it before he laid out the cash. so, off to Moca i went, to see what i could see.

i fired it up and the engine knock was deafening. i travel with an electronic engine stethoscope, and i listened to both the cylinder head and the big end. the engine was finished. done. kaput.

the salesman looked at me, and this is what he said....

''we are both grown men here. you tell your guy that this is a good car, and rcommend to him that he should buy it. when he does, come back to me and i will have 20k pesos waiting for you''.

why, you ask, did i mention this?

because your ''mechanic'' can take money from a seller to misrepresent the integrity of a car to you. he is not your friend. he probably does not even know your surname, and probably never will. 20k pesos means more to him than camaraderie with you.

moral of the story? do not put your trust in mechanics when you seek a used car...

an electronic engine stethoscope.... … Sw-NFazLhg

If I had a dime for every time a person told me a defective car was in "great shape" I'd be rich.
I've had a lot of vehicles here (Currently own 3) and for every nice one I find, I look at 100 that I wouldn't take for free. (OK, maybe 4-5 if they were free)
People here will tell you a vehicle is in great shape even though you're standing there looking at it and it's a clunker.

the thing is that you know how to pick a car. i have seen pictures of your stable, and that is primo stuff.

there are certain cars i would not touch. if i go to look at a car, and the seats have been reupholstered, i have no interest. i do not need to tell you that the odometer will say 55,000 miles, yet it has had the seats redone.  also, when i open the hood, i do not want to see Armor All on a glistening engine. you are hiding something..

I deal with a mechanic that has no connection to the dealership and knows nothing about the that dealership. This mechanic in La Romana was referred to me by an expat who has lived in La Romana for 8 years and who has weeded her way thru mechanics over the years before finding this one.  He inspected the vehicle, test drove it, and advised me that the it was safe to proceed. He said the vehicle would need brake pads in the front end and that they had 25% left. It has been maintenance free since the purchase a year ago and I just replaced those front pads with him for $80.00

glad to know that you have a good mechanic on your side...they are not all a bunch of scam artists. i am just saying that you need to do some due diligence when you choose one..

This lesson can be extrapolated to almost everything here. A commission is almost normal and expected.

When  I first moved here- almost 16 years ago - I was referred to an investment house. I asked point blank was he getting paid for this. Oh no was the answer. It was a lie.  I got referred to someone about a vehicle. A mechanic.  A builder.  The list goes on. Always there was a hand out somewhere! 

In my business we provide quotes all the time.  Recently we were told the work was ours only IF we were willing to commission the head of maintenance!

Rest assured, when I refer anyone to any business that is not owned by me -.I do not earn a peso or a penny!  What I want is for people to get great service and products!   That includes Cruffman

Always ask about it. Understand the motive of the person who is referring or giving advice!

some months ago, i found a great SUV for a guy from Cabarete. although it checked all the boxes, he wanted to take it to his ''mechanic'', to check it out. i told him that my check far exceeded what his mechanic would do, but he still demanded a mechanic check. so, he and the seller made an appointment for the upcoming Saturday morning.

later that afternoon, the mechanic called the seller and told him not to worry about anything going wrong. for 10,000 pesos, he would say nothing but wonderful things about the car.


in the DR, everything comes with a price. in this case, if the seller was unwilling to pay the price, the mechanic would have told the buyer that the car was on its last legs...

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