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Our build date is still in the future (never seems to get any closer); however, that will not stop me from planning!  Regarding security systems (electronics/cameras specifically) is there a system you all have deployed that works?  For instance, we can get wireless cams off Amazon and build our own system, but I would be interested in working with someone that can consult and install based on our property and requirements. Does anyone know of a good resource? We will be in Las Terrenas.

I cant help you with a person, but with info.   You will be better buying your "pieces" there and then building your system here. Its damned expensive still here!

We are applying that policy for just about everything! We want to move as little as we can but the reality is we need to import as much as we can when we can. As an example I maintain my own car so plan to import as much automotive stuff as possible with our one-time household import.  Thought the security stuff could be handled by someone knowledgeable once we build, but we will most likely import the stuff and do it ourselves. We'll import our appliances as well. Those are tough to get there from what I understand.

Appliances are not tough to get honey.  May be tougher in Las Terrenas but come to the capital honey!  We have it all.  Some appliances are worth putting in your shipment, absolutely. Some are better bought here.  Dont import outside of your shipment though,  that will cost way more then buying here,

Ah...good to know. We need to check availability of several things, like appliances, when we visit again in September. I would rather buy there actually, instead of shipping.

I’ve seen pretty good security cameras in PriceSmart. Make sure you have an inverter/backup power with these security systems.

PriceSmart is the go-to place for a lot of stuff apparently  :0)  We are major Costco customers, so we'll intend to check out PriceSmart on our next trip.

The annual membership cost is US$35.00 or 1,755 pesos at the current convention rate. There are 4 stores in Santo Domingo and 1 store in Santiago. They also carry safes and some Smart Home devices.

For security systems, something to keep in mind, if you plan to use a DVR, be sure the hard drive is for continuous use and higher temperatures.  Unfortunately internet and wifi are not very dependable here.  A larger property must have dogs!  Another piece of advise, the more protected your property looks, the more you are apt to have a problem.  Looks like you have something to hide...  Spend some time choosing your location and talking to potential neighbours.  Try to be low key and you won't have any problems.  Try to show off and you will be asking for trouble and all of the security in the world won't stop them.  A simple life here is the best, no worries and more money for travel and adventure.

DominicanadaMIke  good philosophy.  I hear you loud and clear. We are big time dog people so the dogs will be on site  ;0)  And we're pretty low key folks.

Was debating the use of cloud storage or DVR.  I've had a hard wired DVR system before and it was a pain. And the DVR didn't last. We will have to decide that.

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