Employment pass application and change in passport details

Hello all,

I have an offer from a company in singapore and they have applied for the permit and waiting. I had only 1 2 pages left in my passport and without realizing that my old passport will be cancelled, I applied for a reissue of a new passport and only in the end I understood that my old passport is cancelled and only visa which are still valid in the passport can be used. But what could be done for the visa which is applied using old passport details  and not approved yet like the Singapore one.

Is this going to be an issue ? Can I travel with the old and new passport and IPA issued with old passport number?  Kindly let me know.


Your employer should as soon as possible contact MoM with the new details. This can be changed quickly in the application and then an IPA letter with the correct passport data will be issued.

Hello Beppi,

Thank you very much for the reply. Is it easier to do the changes to IPA once the application is approved and IPA is issued or as you said to intervene in the ongoing process now and ask them to do the changes before the approval ?

Because I saw on the website that there is an option to do changes or corrections in case of the error in the employee particulars when IPA issued. Does that apply to my case as well ?

Many thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it.


And another reason why I am thinking of waiting for the approval is that the employer had an issue with the application and they are trying to resolve. In this case is it even possible to make changes now or just wait for the approval and then ask for the change.

I would do it sooner rather than later, but you decide what is best for you.

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