Tropical Fish for Aquarium

Hello Everyone,

My name is Asrar and I recently started my new Aquarium with Platies and a Betta. I am looking for some more tropical fish to add to my 25 Gallon (100L) tank.

Where in kuwait can I get tropical fish for my aquarium? I am looking for Fancy Guppies, Molly, Rasbora and Neon Tetra. I checked the local fish stores and none have them. I am yet to check the Al-Rai market behind Friday market. Planning to go there soon. Does anybody have these fish in their aquarium and if you do, could you share the details where you got them from, please?

Thank you.

Hello Asrar,

There is a specialized store called Aquamarine in the basement of the Discovery Mall, I saw a lot of different species there, but being no expert I can't say they have what you are looking for.

Thank You. I will definitely go and check it. Thanks a lot.

tehre is also one on the opposite side of Avenues; where sports direct is. i'm sure google maps can get you there.

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