Visa change

Good evening all, I'm Joy from kenya and have been working as a maid for the past 3yrs now.  My madam told me I can change a job if I want of which I agreed but i don't want to work as a maid again.  She has already given me a
Release. Is it possible for me to work in any job apart from being a maid? If so how do I go about it?  Also,  if I need company job, is it possible to exit to Dubai and come back same day to obtain company visa?

Hi Sabina Joy,

The primary objective for you now must be to find yourself a job of your liking that matches your qualifications and experience.

Once you land the job, you can show the NOC from your last employer and join the new place.

Since your sponsior / employer is agreeable to let go of you, you can easily shift jobs.

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