residence permit for my husband

My husband is British and am Mauritian. We would like to move to mauritius and can you letvus know how easy/difficult to obtain a residence permit for my husband.


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Male spouse of a Mauritian … ermit.aspx

My spouse visa was ready within 3 months of application because they needed extra documents. But I only managed to make a trip down 1 year after application to collect it since we are living abroad :)

We are in UK, can I go on my own and deposit all documents and come back. When it's ready we both go and get it and stay there?

Nope, you can. Requires both parties to apply for spouse permit at level 2 of Stirling House in person. Same for collection.
I suggest to treat this as a mini vacation ;)

Since You are a Mauritian National, It should not be that difficult for your husband to have a residence permit.

If you want more details, please contact me on ****


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Hiya guys, 

My husband is Irish and I am from mauritius we are planning to move to live in mauritius in a couple of years.  at present we live in the UK but can we apply for his residence permit now or we have to wait when we are ready to leave here.

thank you

You can apply for his spouse visa now. … -Visa.aspx

Quick Answer.... EASY

theres a load of documents you need  birth certs marriage etc etc etc

probably the most important one you need to get organsied before you come is a police statement you have no problems with them

ALSO  your certicites need to b apostle signed

fet the form for it and start to read the requirements

any help glad to


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