Mail Forwarding Registration with Aduanas

Soon you will need to be registered with Aduanas in order to receive your mail forwarded packages. This has been enacted to prevent  purchases meant for resale.  People have used multiple accounts and multiple mail forwarders to buy in  quantity and bypass the  US 200 rule! 

As of July 31 you must be registered.

You  register with the gov't website or your packages WILL be stopped until you do. This goes into effect the end of July.   

Here is the link:!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\A9s/consultas/registro-courier/

Once you register,  you will receive an email to ACTIVATE this. IF you don't do  that step it isn't going to be registered correctly.   

You can register with your cedula or passport. The system will track ALL your packages from ALL the mail forwarders automatically.

I received a message many months ago by MailBoxes Etc. to register with Customs. I did. I have not had any issues.

Thank you Planner for sharing the link from Customs.

Deadline is end of July, that is why no issues.... Yet.

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