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I know mail forwarding has been addressed but I am so overwhelmed with our move at this point I need to get it clear.  My husband gets medicine mailed to him from the VA.  My Mom also has mailed to her. How do I now get this to us in Punta Cana. Our move in date is September-October. Thank you

Hi Cindy,

I would suggest if you haven't already, check to see if you can get his medication here in the DR.  Many medicines can be bought over the counter and there are public pharmacies where medicines can be purchased very cheaply.  There is also a post office in Veron where you can pickup your mailed items.  I have only used the post office once and did receive my parcel successfully.  They need to have your contact phone number either on the parcel or I believe you can register yourself there so that they can contact you to let you know it has arrived and is available for pickup.  You can also use a company like EPS (postal service with an office in Punta Cana near Nacional) to bring your items from the US to the DR. Last but not least...FEDEX it.  Not sure how medications make it through customs but I am sure someone else here can advise you of that.

Meds can be forwarded via a mall forwarder. It depends what they are!  Narcotics NO.  Most others yes, in their original containers and forwarded via account with the same name. So your husband's scripts go to your husband's account.  Make sure you have a copy of the prescription in case you need it. You also need a copy of the receipt for charges.

On a side note: government pharmacies where drugs can be found cheaper are for Dominicans means! They are not for Expats. When those drugs are gone (limited supplies) then they are unavailable for locals!

So EPS near Nacional is that the same as a mail forwarder?  We will be living in Veron so that may be an option. Thank you

Yes.  There are other services in the area as well.  I use EPS and have been satisfied with their service and their location is convenient for me.  Once you are here you will find what works best for you.  Don't be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way.  It's all part of learning.

EPS is one of the good ones!

planner :

EPS is one of the good ones!

I agree with you, with big packages tend to be one of the most expensive compnies here but they have very good service, an as you are fordwarding meds I would pick up best one.   with EPS after they receive the parcel in Miami warehouse take 2 days arrive DR and next day is in your local office if the package is not stoped.

As planner says problably you will need to show the prescription for the medicine and receip, they have an option for pre alert where you can scan both in the same file so that way they will have it in case they need it.

Almost all the big mail forwarders have the pre alert function now.  This saves a LOT of time.

AND all need to know that you now MUST register with the gov't website or your packages WILL be stopped until you do. This goes into effect the end of July.   Here is the link:!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\A9s/consultas/registro-courier/

Once you register,  you will receive an email to ACTIVATE this. IF you don't do  that step it isn't going to be registered correctly.   

You can register with your cedula or passport.

Please check will the mail forwarding provider. They should have experience with these cases and should know what is allowed.

Thank you for all your replies.  The closer I get to the move the more I find I need to do. Moving with a 95 year old Mother is not easy

That is a challenge honey!

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