Moving to Brussels having permanent residence in another EU country

Hi, I am currently living and working in Czech Republic and I have a permanent residence permit here. I am considering moving to Brussels. Do I need to request a work visa there and wait for another 5 years in order to get a new permanent residence there or I can get permanent residence there straight away?
Another question, I have an University diploma from a Czech University and that allows me free access to the Czech job market. That means I don't need work permit here. Does that diploma allows me to work in Brussels as well without work permit?

If you are having the Permanent residence according to this directive, then, you dont need work permit after the first year i.e for the first year you may still need to apply for a work permit.

In case if you have permanent residence based upon the other nature, you need to check this indeed.

If you wish to have a Permanent residence from Belgium , then I believe 5 years it takes in which case I also suppose, your Czech one will be void (once you received your PR in Belgium)

Typically, the EU degrees/diplomas are well recognized. They are the basic requirement for work permit applications. Degrees/qualifications only dont decide whether you need a work permit or not. Your residence status plays a role as well.

Couple of links here for your read;



As much for the residence permit part, there is not much to add.

As much for the diploma part, there is reason to be a little less optimistic ... Each country for each diploma stream has its own criteria. So follow what is ask on this European website.

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