SPASS got rejected, does wrong selection effects the outcome?


I have masters degree (Mphil)  in computer science and I am also doing PhD from my home country.  I got an offer from NTU to work as research associate. They offered me a salary of 4200, actually I have about  5 years of teaching experience in a university at my home country.  MOM  rejected my application on 17 may but my professor sent a justification to MOM, still the thing got rejected. From the SAT tool I checked that I was eligible for SPASS. I can't remember why but the form I clicked on " SPASS  and EPASS" rather than "SPASS only". Can this mistake would have caused the rejection or something else?  I am still confused why my application was rejected because I gave good academic and experience record?

Can you guys (especially I saw Surya and others sharing their experiences)  please help in this matter. My company is saying that they can re apply after few months. Will that be fruitful?

Did you read the thread on various criteria at MoM to approve a work pass? It could be either of reasons.

If the appeal doesn’t address the issue then the rejection will continue. Ask the NTU admin to check what was the reason. Good luck

The selection in the application form makes no difference.
My feeling is that too low salary is the reason for rejection.

I meet all the criteria. I asked the reason its generic one like hire someone else or something

In that case, I have to search again.   In research related jobs, salary is a bit low. I think without PhD the salary should be ard the same. I am from Pakistan, will my country has an effect. However, I see alot of Pakistani work here.

I think salary might be the case, because my application was resubmitted and it was vetted by a full professor.

Sadly, your nationality does have an influence (Muslims have it difficult everywhere right now) plus your race (you‘re counted as Indian) is the one whose numbers the Singapore authorities currently want to reduce.
If you cannot overcome these obstacles (e.g. by being an excellent researcher that Singapore wants to attract), maybe it‘s wiser to look for a job elsewhere.

Thanks Surya  and beppi for your quick response. I  clearly
understand your point.. Yea I am looking for an job elsewhere. NTU is saying that they will try again after 3-4 months,  should I ask them to apply with a higher salary? Since I checked online it seems that the salary with my experience is a bit low. Also my area of expertise is quite rare across the globe uptil now.
Should I give it a try or leave it,  what's your take on it?

Check with the SAT tool on MoM‘s website what the minimum salary for EP is in your case. Aim for that (or more).
The decision is yours alone to make, sorry!

3000 sgd

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