Child birth/pregnancy in Belgium as expats

Hello All, seeking advice.

I am in Belgium on a family reunion status with my husband who is an employee of an India firm and sent on assignment in Brussels by the company. He gets some allowance here and does not pay any social security in Belgium.

As dependants can now work without a separate work permit, I am employed by a Belgian employer for last 6 months and social security gets deducted from my salary.

Husband's employer has bought insurance for us from India but pregnancy expenses are not covered.

I am planning for childbirth here in Belgium using my social security benefits plus with additional mutuality.

My mutuality said they will not cover hospitalization expenses during childbirth as it is already intervened by social security. Some remainder is still to be paid by us. I am consulting a private doctor (non conventioned) in a reputed private hospital.

Can anyone share their experience of child birth being an expat in Belgium and how was the experience with the whole system of hospitals, social security benefits, own expenses etc? Am I also eligible for incapacity to work replacement income post the delivery?

Thanks in advance!

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