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Hi all,
My wife ( Non EU, on dependant visa, living here for 2 years) got an admission for a Master course in KU Leuven University.
I was wondering whether we have to pay the same fee as normal International student or will get a discounted fee since I am tax payer here.

Do anyone have any info about this?

I asked the university about this and they were telling that we may have to pay the fee same as an international student.

I am inquiring here to just double check because one of my friend from Germany  informed me that in Germany they don’t have to pay the same fee as international student.



The amounts of the registration fees are clearly defined by the Belgian laws. But each school also has the right to charge extra fees for the services they offer.

Minerval University (exam registration + registration and insurance) - 835€

High school (outside university system) Maximum Registration Fees (Minerval + fees for goods and services valued at actual cost) - 836.97€

Specific registration fee for students from a non-member country of the European Union. Foreign students (outside the European Union), who do not benefit from any exemption, must pay in addition to the minerval, a specific registration fee (DIS). Some exemptions from specific fees are sometimes possible, check with the school.

DIS - short type $992
DIS - long type (1st and 2nd cycle)
- $1487 (3-year-old bachelor)
- $1984 (2-year master's degree)

- 1st cycle (Bachelor) 4175€
- 2nd cycle (Master)   4175€

Thanks for the reply

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