WP: After getting dependent visa is there a deadline to enter Belgium

I have got my WP and want to consider whether to apply for dependent VISA along with me or at a later point. I got the following information.
1) Getting the dependent visa is easier if you apply with main applicant
2) If you apply for dependents later than it take more time and also require more documents.
3)  Once you enter Belgium you have 3 months to apply for Resident permit.
4) Also the 3 months time window is there where you can move in and out of Belgium without RP after that, if you go out of Belgium and do not have RP you need VISA to be stamped again.

My query is

1) From the day my dependent get the VISA is there a deadline by which they need to enter the Belgium
1 a. If yes what is the deadline.
2) The 3 months deadline for applying the RP is
2.a from the day the VISA was issued
2.b from the day that you enter Belgium.


they have to enter Belgium during the validity period of the visa stamped on their passports. If the visa is stamped for 6 months, they have 6 months to enter. RP application deadline is counted from the date of entry to Belgium. Keep in mind that RP processing may take some time and the visa validity is what will be useful if the person have to travel during RP waiting period (emergency travel or so).

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