Is this forum searchable?

I am not sure if it's just me, and this is not the first time. The search function is not really working on this website. Or am I missing something?

Click on the magnifying glass top right hand side of the page??

I tried that, the same thing. I get results from the "Guide" but not from the forum.

I get the same issue; I've reported it.

I had no problem, it brings up only things that are in the forum. Type in Wedding and see what results it brings up.

I just tried "work permit"; I know there are valid hits in there because I can see them, the search function sees the phrase in the guide, but doesn't see them in the General Forum (at least not on my PC, my phone, or my wife's phone).

Hello everyone,

Thank you for pointing out this issue.

IT department will look into the matter and as soon as we get a feedback, we will let you know.

Have a nice day,

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