Sense of humour in Tanzania

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Should we set out to explore Tanzanian’s culture through its sense of humour? Indeed, if one is planning to settle in the country, it is best to understand the cultural codes governing humour in order to avoid any faux-pas.

What is special about the sense of humour in Tanzania?

Is it acceptable to joke about any situations?

What is typically funny and what is absolutely not funny?

Are there any popular comedians in Tanzania and how would one be able to discover them (stand-up shows, festivals, internet, etc.)?

What is the funniest joke you have heard in Tanzania?

Please share your experience,


Tanzanians do have a great sense of humour.  I haven't analysed it.

Men love to tell jokes and even in uncomfortable situations can reduce the tension by joking.  The humour can be at the expatriate's expense but atmosphere becomes friendly.  I find it to be one of the attractions of Tanzanian culture.

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Swahili lends itself beautifully to stories and humour.
I have always found Tanzanians to be cheerful, respectful people.....but always ready for a good laugh and a joke but there were some areas of humour that were off limits.
I remember that generally Tanzanians were self deprecating, they always started the joke or the humourous story portraying themselves as the "victim". It was bad manners to laugh at anyone else's expense unless you were in a very good relationship or that person had actually "invited" the joke to be on him/her.
Another no-go area was the elderly. Tanzanians have a deeply ingrained respect for older people, no matter how troublesome or irritating they may be.
Crude or sexually descriptive jokes are regarded as just that......crude and bad mannered.
The insults though, are poetic.......some of the "put-downs" I heard in Tanzania were worthy of being recorded! They could make you feel as low as worm, with no route for a riposte. But if you did manage to give as well as you received, oh happy times for everyone listening on......the mirth was contagious.

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