What next after visa stamping and fitness test?

Hello guys,

I came to bahrain 4 months back and i got job last month. I got my employment visa stamped on my passport and pre employment fingerpinting appointment and pre employment medical test is done and i am certified fit by them. What is the next step, i got the CPR NO but how do i get my CPR card. Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

Your sponsor needs to handle the application process on your end.  Follow up with your HR.

Hi xtang,

Thanks for the reply. My company is a smaller one and it has no HR department seperately. So like i got my CPR NO while my employer applied for visa and when it was approved. But do i need to apply for CPR card seperately with agent or there is any online applying option for printed CPR card. Or is it gonna be automatically generated without any application.

You have to apply separately through agent. And you would need proof of address in the form of EWA bill if electricity is in your name and municipality letter if its not. Your employer also needs to update your address in EMS system prior to application being submitted.

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https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 06#4104493

Check out this link, I have shared the details of my experience. It might help you out

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