Is there a way to find out about medications

I am trying to find out what medications are available in Ecuador, specifically Cuenca. Any advice is welcome

Your question is too broad - there are literally thousands and thousands of medications available in Ecuador and Cuenca.  Perhaps if you mention the specific medications of interest?  But otherwise, here is a list of approved medications that you can search to see if the medications you seek are included: … mentos.pdf

Here is a list of Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications available: … -VENTA.pdf

You can see other medications and lists at this page which includes the above list but is also a data base of medications in various categories:

Here is a 368 page PDF that lists various medications, their usages, dosages, cautions, adverse effects etc: … 9429es.pdf

You can search, which is a large pharmacy chain.
You will need to search using the Generic name in Spanish

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