Indian Passport Renewal in Bahrain

Hi All

My Mother In Law passport is expiring in another 20 days
Is it possible for her to enter Bahrain on evisa and get the passport renewed in Bahrain
Please help as its emergency

I believe all countries require a minimum of six months validity on a passport before they allow you entry.
Worth checking as I don't know the situation in every country, but I gather that's the norm.

I don't know about Indian passport specifically but generally speaking, I see three issues with what you are trying to do:

1) Passport renewals in countries outside your home country are generally only allowed if you are a resident in that country i.e. have residence visa.  If she has a Bahrain resident visa, she can get it renewed here otherwise they may refuse.  If passport expires when she is here then all the Embassy will do, is issue an emergency travel document like an exit pass so that she can go back home and get passport renewed
2) Evisa i.e. visit visa is issued on a certain passport number.  It is not like resident visa which can be transferred onto a new passport.  If you change passport, the visa becomes invalid
3) And as Fred said, with so few days left to expiry, they may not allow her to enter

Thanks a lot for the reply
She entered through evisa to Bahrain and applied for passport, She was granted entry for two weeks as long the passport is valid
Submitted application for passport renewal
But now not sure if passport would be granted or not
What should we do if she din't get passport in this time period
As it would become illegal to stay in Bahrain without visa and please let me know what would be the fine for this

She should leave before passport expiry.


"Submitted application for passport renewal
But now not sure if passport would be granted or not"

For Indian Passports, once passport is applied here in Bahrain, you get the new one within a week normally. However, please note that it's in the case of residents.

She is on visitor visa
Still waiting,,,

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