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I've just signed up as I didn't know where else to ask.

I live in England and have a gf living in Bukidnon.  She wants to study for a few years and then come here to live with me, marry ect.

The issue I'm having is all the educational institutes she's been to only offer 4 year long courses. Is this the norm there? She's interested in IT and Business Admin.

I'm reaching out here to see if anyone can suggest any alternatives which might be suitable. Over here in the UK there are tonnes of colleges and other educational centres which offer 1-2 year courses so I was hoping to find something similar there. Not having much luck so far though.

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I am guessing your girlfriend is in the Philippines? You should ask in that forum page regarding your question Is this the norm there? To get a better answer.

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I agree with SimCityAT.

My personal opinion (I'm not an educator) is that the duration of senior education courses are normally related to course subject/content and the level of the qualification (for example a level 5 diploma can be done in a couple of years - I did one); I just had a quick look at some examples from UK universities and many of the IT and Business Admin courses are 4 years; I would be surprised if they were different elsewhere as it would dilute the standing of that University and in a subject that matters, that is important.

Hope this helps.

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