FD Withdrawal when one turns 50 years.

I was wondering if one can draw down the FD of RM300,000 to RM150,000 upon turning age 50...or does one have to wait until the MM2H renewal process occurs?

Say you are 45 when you were approved - can you reduce from RM300,000 to RM150,000 with an approved withdrawal upon turning aged 50, or does one have to wait for 55 years of age...leave the program, withdraw the FD, and resubmit the application? Wouldn't that put you back at the end of the queue?

The MM2H approved withdrawal section says nothing about either "reaching age 50" or being above 50 in order to reduce the FD on renewal. Can one just withdraw (if the bank will even let you) and then submit the proof of RM150,000 being in your account (or RM100,000 if you have previous approved withdrawals).

Is there anyone that can answer the question?  I need to know as well.
Thank you.

I can't answer your question since I was already 50 yrs of age when I applied for my MM2H.

As far as I know, the bank won't let you touch the FD unless you have an authorization letter from the Ministry of Tourism or whoever the authorities are these days. Even if you entirely cancel your MM2H (as I did) then you would still need the confirmation letter from the authorities in order to release the funds in your FD. The bank will not simply release the funds.

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