Does Ecuador screen for mental illness?

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Type II.  In type II the only mania is a very low-grade one - i.e.  I feel happier and talk a little faster than usual but still within the normal behavior range.  I do take my medicine regularly so generally no one notices me as being any different. 

Does Ecuador screen for mental illnesses in their residency processes like the USA does?   Also do I assume correctly that they have the appropriate drugs for people like me?

No screening, but I'd check on the specific drugs (some psychiatric medications are much tougher to find).  They may be available, but if so you'd probably or at least possibly need a prescription.

[Does Ecuador screen for mental illnesses in their residency processes like the USA does?]

No, but based on some of what I see posted here ... perhaps they should.

Ecuador doesn’t screen for mental illness, just prejudice lol 😜🤡

I do not know about drug availability, sorry.

What everyone has been politely stepping around is something that happened in Vilcabamba recently.  An Irish person staying in Vilcabamba had some serious mental health issue and obviously was not taking medication.  After assaulting two women he murdered a young south American artist who was staying in the same hostel.  The person in question appeared to have something like paranoid schiphrenia, not sure of the diagnosis, as he believed that people were trying to poison him.  There was a good deal of publicity around this tragedy.  In Vilcabamba there may be some residual prejudicial attitudes as a result of this murder.

Just thought that you might prefer being informed to walkiing into a situation.  But of course you situaiton is so different.

Good luck.

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