GOSI issue

Hi everyone
I want to apply for my family visa but my comany is telling tat they want update my salary on GOSI and they are telling tat will be only done in February....Now my GOSI deduction is 3.6bd based on my probation period but my salary is 400bd now but they are telling ur GOSI should be update so u have to wait for February .....plzzz can anyone guide me on this issue....is there any possibility to get my gosi updated now and get my famil visa

It is possible to get it updated now but there is NOTHING you can do yourself.  Your company has to do it.   You need to be able to show at least 3 months salary transferred into your account via bank statements - of 400 BD.  Sometimes GOSI ask for it.....between 1 to 3 months evidence.

Thank u for ur guidance sir.....march ,april ,may ,june statement I can show sir but in may month I was in vacation for 10days ...will it be a problem sir?

As long as the salary is there, no issue.

How many day this procedure takes to get updated sir.....and do I neen any other documents rarher than bank statement sir

As I said, your company has to do it and it depends on their PRO.  Usually doesn't take more than a week.

Ok sir thank u very much

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