78000 SGD annually for family of 2 and 1 year old kid

Hi folks

I am planning to move to Singapore with my wife and a 1 year old kid

My wife is currently working in IT as software tester with 8 years experience

I have couple of questions

Is 78000 ok for descent living till the time kid gets to school

How tough is to find a new job with dependent visa for my wife


Your offered salary (S$6500/month) is just above the minimum where you're allowed to bring your family as dependants. Thus do not expect a luxurious life and/or much savings.
Whether your wife can find a job an LoC depends largely on her skills and demand for them in the job market.

Thanks beppi for your reply

Is it tougher now to file dependent visa and get the jobs their ? Are dependent visa employees not preferred over permanent residence

And what about average increase in salary each year their ?

1. Finding a job on DP now has become tougher but with right skills and networking and diligence it's not that difficult. Do not expect much salary on DP.

2. DP will be applied by your employer. Till last year I have friends who received DP approval in less than 2 days. But I am hearing now it is taking a week.

3. Average increase in salary is a very vague thing depending on the organisation and your employment type - Permanent employees usually get lesser increment than a contract employee. In any case don't expect big raise (apart from Bonus) as inflation is low here. Maybe just a few hundred dollars per month increase.

Avinash above is right:
- Chances of finding a job on DP depend on skills (and luck, of course).
- Candidates on PR and normal work passes are usually preferred over DP/LoC (and the issuance of an LoC by MoM is also not guaranteed).
- Candidates on DP/LoC usually get lower salaries than others (read related forum post about why that is so).
- There is no "average increase in salary" - it depends largely on the company, economic performans, personal achievements and job market in the specific industry.

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