How do you know that someone is blackmailing you?

How do you know that someone is blackmailing you?

I think there are 2 kind of blackmailing :-

* The bad way of blackmailing :-

- When someone twisting your arms / threatening you using a very private details or things in order to do what they want.

- When someone using the close relationship with you to passes or push through something in a wrong way

* The Good way of blackmailing :-

When someone seeking for your forgiveness using kindness depending on your good heart ... sometimes it could be used as a bad blackmailing

It depends on the person you are dealing with, situations, actions

Additional to The good way of blackmailing

When someone using your good heart to pass or provide him anything he wants..... also it could be used in a bad way

Mariam Mohammadieh :

How do you know that someone is blackmailing you?

There's a threat of some sort of action that could hurt you in some way, but they say the problem will go away if you do something they want.

There could the direct way which is rare and the indirect way which happens often. Either way do not be intimidated. Bashar H. Malkawi

You will definitely know when some one is black mailing you, when you obey them and do what they want you to do, rather than do what you want to do. If you didn't do what they force you to do then they can harm you by telling or spreading rumours (true or not true) about you. It is low of the low act by some very narrow minded person.
You are who you are, you have the right to live your life the way you want to and do not be blackmailed by some narrow minded person. You will be forced to do things which you do not want to. It will never end. So, believe in Al-mighty and tell the person bring it on. Be brave and move on in your life, do not be dis-heartened by what they say.
It is a very awkward situation, at least you will suffer for a short while, but in long run you will not have to suffer or do things what the narrow minded person asks you or wants you to do for rest of your life.
I hope this puts your mind to rest.

What is a close topic for me! i was being blackmailed by my ex boyfriend. He manipulated me all time! It was terrible part of my life. Thank's my mother that save me! Now I'm happy and i can distinguish when people're blackmailing me.

There is Millions way of Blackmailing but it's depend which way you can got effected and someone can hold your brain to move on his/her way to use for their purpose.

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