[LTVP] Female Singaporean and Nepalese Man


I am a 24 yo female Singaporean and am dating a 23yo Nepalese man. I am hoping that if by any chance that we get married, what is the possibility that I can bring him to Singapore? And him finding a job here?

Some background:
I am earning about 3k sgd. He on the other hand is earning less than 300sgd in Nepal, he took up higher secondary certificate in business studies (I think that’s equivalent to our A-level/diploma?)

He actually wants me to stay in nepal with him. But I hope to stay in Singapore as the standard of living is so much better, and I also do have a 5 room HDB under my name together with my siblings, so he can stay with me.

He have yet to visit Singapore but I have visited Nepal. We don’t plan to get married anytime soon maybe in 5 years time if things worked out.

You can’t apply LTVP till you get married to him. If your plan is not getting married for next 5yrs then why are you worried about whether he will get an LTVP or not? First n foremost think of present and near future, that how he will get a job in Singapore, if he gets a job and his work visa approves then he doesn’t need your LTVP. He may apply PR 5yrs down the line (even after marriage).

Now, coming back to your query, it’s very unlikely that he will get LTVP under your sponsorship as your salary is too low. Good luck

Thank you.. I am worried about whether it can work out or not, whether we should invest our feelings or just stop before we go too deep.

I’m wondering how do those with low income married foreign lady with no income.. will it work for our case too?

His qualification is low, I’m not sure if he can find a job in Singapore without our ltvp. We planned to get married within 5 years time if things work out but if things are doing ok, we might get married earlier.

There are plenty of jobs in retail sectors and other industry where foreigners are hired. He should try there but before that he should have hands on experiences. As you said previously that he is working in his home country then try here with those experiences.

Other than that, you can set up a small business where you can hire him. Try to explore all the possibilities and check with your friends & family circle to see if anybody can help you. LTVP is not that easy and with your income it’s more difficult. Good luck

So, is your relationship a long distance one? Has he visited Singapore before?

Yes, it’s a long distance one. He haven’t visit Singapore before yet but will do it early next year. Ive visited him a few times

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