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Hi guys
My wife is sending some boxes (household items, nothing for resale) from South Africa to Dammam. I opted to collect it myself as the cost to get an agent to do it is ridiculous.
Can someone please guide me with the process and cost to collect, and what documents i will need to collect?
I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything.

Thank you

Any luck so far?

I'm thinking of shipping few bags over from Turkey to Riyadh. Wanted to check other people's experience first. I hope you got your stuff.

Hi... yes, very quick and easy. Only Iqama and waybill needed. Only paid for storage, no customs.

Noway! That’s it? This is great news. I have been searching about this topic online for days lol ... I have a few more questions if you can answer, I think it would benefit not just me but a lot of people :)

By waybill you mean a copy of the paper the postal company will give when sending the items, right?

And can you please tell me how much for storage and customs did they charge?

Oh and where did you go to collect these items?

Also while shipping it from South Africa what information did your wife include? (For eg iqama number? Copy of iqama? List of items and their estimated cost?)

Hi... sorry, i thought i did reply, obviously didnt go through.
Yes, the "Tracking document" the courier company gives you is the Waybill. The waybill have the sender's (your wife)details, and the receiver's (your) details.
We had to make an inventory list with an estimated price, we mainly sent used household goods, such as linen etc. We sent 10 very large boxes (+300kg, 2 pallets).
Ours were sent to Saudia Cargo at King Fahd airport in dammam. They informed me as soon as it arrived, and made it very clear to me to collect ASAP as i will be paying storage fees. I collected 2 days later and paid 420 Riyal for "Storage and security".
The guys were very helpful, and directed me to the next counter or person to go see.
The whole process took me less then 45 minutes.

Thanks for getting back! Must have been a technical glitch, happens sometimes on this forum.

That’s great news though! Sounds very straightforward and not that costly either- provided you pick up the cargo within a couple days.

I just didn’t get why it was sent to Saudia Cargo place. Did you intentionally put that as the address or is that where the cargo goes for customs purposes in Dammam?

Also what kind of shipping service did you use from South Africa? Was it like a container through a shipping company?

Hi... we used a South African courier company that sent it by air. Delivered within 2 days. We had all prepacked in big plastic crates, they collected it from our house in South Africa
I think the location was determined by the courier company. One can get it delivered to your house, but at a very costly price. I paid a guy 500 Riyal to meet me there with a small pick up truck, and followed me home to Khobar.

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